Hards Skills

Hard Skills training focuses on developing fluency in such areas as computer software knowledge, graphic design, data analysis, project management, marketing, copywriting, computer programming, foreign languages and many more.

Presentations and Professional Correspondence

Presentations and Professional Correspondence training focuses on preparing interesting, interactive presentations by using different software tools and developing skills of effective audience performance. In line with professional correspondence training this technical skill package enables to enhance effective development of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing training focuses on how efficiently promote, advertise and increase sales of products and services online through various digital channels and strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

AI training focuses on the process of teaching an AI system to perceive, interpret and learn from the data. It develops the skills to use the data most efficiently in your day to day performance as well as recognising possibilities of potential risks.

Cyber Security

Cyber security training focuses on increasing awareness and teaches the response procedures for addressing and managing risks to computer systems. It identifies threats such as cyber attacks, data hacks and phishing activities including the protocols for assessing the risk level, reporting the incident and fixing the issue.

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